Compost is Heating Up

For more than 20 years Miller Compost has been manufacturing garden ready compost. What better way to add nutrients, organics, humus and water retention to your garden with a premium compost. The benefits of compost is truly remarkable and it all starts with us.

Keeping organic waste out of landfills is one of the most important ways to recycle with many added benefits.

When adding compost to heavy clay soils it improves drainage and porosity. Thus making soils friable and easily workable to minimize compaction; helping roots to penetrate the soil and flourish. Compost improves water retention and improves the overall stability of the soil and aids in erosion control. Compost acts as a buffer to the soil’s pH, modifying and stabilizing it while providing micro and macro nutrients. Compost helps soil hold nutrients in the root zone and prevents leaching. It increases the soils capacity for retaining soluble forms of plant nutrients and improves the effectiveness of other fertilizers; both organic and chemical. When compost is added to your garden, you create a healthy soil that provides a healthy habitat for all sorts of soil organisms.

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Healthy soils lead to healthy gardens, healthy gardens lead to healthy plants, healthy plants lead to healthy foods and healthy foods lead to healthy people. People…..Compost On!!!

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